Rules and Notes



Librarian: Peter Edwards
243 Tutbury Road, Burton - on - Trent, Staffs DE13 0NZ

Rules and Notes

  1. Books may only be borrowed by members of the society.
  2. Books may be borrowed by quoting the name and book number which appears in the list. It is regretted that books cannot be sent outside the United Kingdom.
  3. Books may be retained for one month but, if required for a longer period, the Librarian will usually agree provided there is not a waiting list for the particular book.
  4. No charge is made for borrowing books, but all postage must be refunded.
  5. All books are insured against loss from the time of leaving the Librarian’s house until received back by him. There is no need to register books when returning them, but a Certificate of Posting MUST be obtained from the Post Office and books must be sent by First Class mail. If books are lost and this certificate cannot be produced the insurance is void and the borrower will be held responsible for replacing the books lost.
  6. All books must be securely packaged to avoid damage in transit.
  7. Donations of BNA related books, research notes and/or photocopies of exhibits are welcomed by the Society.
  8. Additions to the list will be published in ‘Maple Leaves’ at least once every two years.
  9. In addition to the listed books, the Library includes some 2 shelf metres of files, mainly of articles published pre 1975 and research notes donated by members/ study groups. Please ask for specific information.
  10. The Library List details Book Number, Title, Author, Year of Publication and approximate packed weight in grams. The weight gives an indication of the scope of the item (pamphlet or tome) and enables members to assess the likely cost of postage. The list is compiled under the following main subject headings:-
    1. BNA Philately General
    2. BNA Stamps
    3. Canada Post Office
    4. Military Mail
    5. Postal Stationery and Postcards
    6. Postmarks and Cancellations
    7. Provinces
    8. Registered Mail
    9. Transporting the Mail
    10. Society Journals
    11. Named - Sale Auction Catalogues

Finally, the Library is yours – suggestions for purchases or other improvements are welcome.

List updated October 2021






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