Exchange Packets


The Society now operates a web based exchange packet. Lists offer either stamps or covers. The packet is open world-wide to members only and allows members to buy and sell surplus material.

The rules governing the use of these packets can be found here. Members wishing to sell material via the packets should consult these rules for details of how to proceed.

Members have two options for using the packets, directly online or by mail via the Exchange Packets Manager.

Material for sale from the packets can be viewed online from this site. The material for sale can be viewed below. Members wishing to purchase from the packet listed on this page should e mail the Exchange Packet Manager at listing the items required. The Exchange Packet Manager will respond by confirming availability and sending an e-invoice inclusive of postage and packing. Payment can be made by sterling cheque (payable to the Society and mailed to the Exchange Packet Manager) or online via PAYPAL. The PAYPAL option incurs a 5% surcharge to cover costs. All details will be given on the invoice. Once payment has been confirmed the Exchange Packet Manager will mail out the material.

Current listings can be found by clicking on the links below; note that all packet contents have been updated as of 3 February 2019.

Stamps:- no current material

Covers and Cards:-Material added in February 2019.

Material added in March 2019

Material added in April 2019 (WARNING - this is a very large file so may take a few minutes to download)








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