Convention Archive 2008


The 2008 Convention was held in Perth, the President was Graham Searle.

Yes it is Scotland. The piper was on hand to greet Julie Edwards (left) and Wendy Lewis

Peter Motson and his Newfondland airmails give the new Society frames a test run

Queueing time to view the displays as Peter Edwards shows he has not totally mastered the Scottish dress code

Karen Searle hands over another trophy to Colin Lewis

For those who may have wondered what the ladies got up to when the philatelic displays were on, here you are...... it seems to involve wine, chocolate cake, marshmallows and cocktail sticks. Just like a night at home then really!

Colin Banfield carries away the empties from the philaholic study group. Hang on .... there's a bit left in one of them.....

President, Graham Searle, hands over the badge of office to Derrick Scoot ............

... who is in need of extra sustinance as he realises just what he has let himself in for.




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