Convention Archive 2007


The 2007 Convention was held in Worthing, the President was David Sessions.

Cliff Wheatley opened the philatelic proceedings by explaining how rare 18th century transatlantic mail is. He went on to show us dozens of such covers!

John Copper shows, in the heat and frenzy of a CPSGB auction, that it is possible to stay relaxed and calm.

A last minute hospital admission prevented the Yellow Peril from making an appearance but his latest book did make it courtesy of Mike Street and Susan So.

Sandy Mackie takes a very close look at something - must have been an Admiral retouch?

Judith Edwards showed some Newfondland. Her ability to recall where she had acquired the material, from whom and for how much was almost as impressive as the display itself.

Joe Smith learning about the Yukon

The Members 16 sheet displays drew an appreciative audience

In Stan Lum's absence, Susan So made an excellent job of presenting his display.

Members discuss how the judges could possibly have got it so wrong...........

President, David Sessions, has a go at strangling his replacement, Graham Searle, as Betty Stephenson looks on.




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