Convention Archive 2000


The Millennium Convention was held in Hove ahead of the London 2000 International Exhibition, the President was Colin Banfield.

President, Colin Banfield pauses for effect.

John Wright.

John Parkin proving that not all his covers are on black sheets

Joe Smith from Alberta

Dr. Charles Hollingsworth ... now where did I put those Street Cancels


Guest Ron Shelley

'Mac' McConnell

Eyes down for the auction as Colin Lewis (left) and John Parkin prepare to sell the lots

Dick Lamb (left) and Gib Wallace

Brian Stalker (left) and Colin Banfield ... 'Don't know who they belong to but you take the red wine and I'll have the white'

Ged Taylor (left) and Richard Thompson

A 'flurry' of Fellows.

From left to right in each case...... Back row: Horace Harrison, Sandy Mackie, John Parkin and John Wannerton

Middle row: Alan Salmon, Geoff Manton, Harry Duckworth, Betty Stephenson

Front row: John Hillson, Tom Almond, Colin Banfield, Dorothy Sanderson and Charles Hollingsworth.

Absent is David Sessions who was behind the shutter.

John Hillson in reflective mood as he introduces new Fellow, Brian Stalker

David Sessions receives the Founders Trophy from June Banfield

The laying on of hands ...... as Colin Banfield offers encouragement to his successor, 'Mac' McConnell.




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