Convention Archive 1991


The 1991 Convention was held at Great Malvern with Brian Stalker as President.

A CPSGB foraging party .............................

breaches the ramparts of Warwick Castle

Some pictures of the members giving displays......

Roger Grigson

Michael Russell

Geoff Whitworth giving a display from Robson Lowe

President Brian Stalker

Geoff Whitworth and Dr Charles Hollingsworth

The audience

David Izzett (right) in the reception line at the banquet

Nan Salmon, Margaret Gatecliff and Jean Almond

Jim McLaren receives his competition diploma from Freda Stalker

President Brian Stalker receives his diploma and one finger from his wife, Freda.

Bill Topping, a handful of trophies and Brian Stalker

Dr Alan Salmon and Freda Stalker

John Wannerton and Freda Stalker; Brian Stalker looks on.

Dr. Dorothy Sanderson signs the Fellowship Book

Hans Reiche

Dr Dorothy Sanderson in buoyant mood.

Hans Reiche, elected a Fellow in 1979, signs the book at last.

Charles King looking suitably casual.

Brenda Parkin can do it with her eyes closed!

Eric Burchell

No, it's not Karaoke night - just Brenda Parkin making a point!

Bill and Marion Topping

President Brian Stalker hands over the badge of office to his successor Jim McLaren




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