Convention Archive 1990


The 1990 Convention was held at Chesterfield with Geoff Manton as President.

The President - Geoff Manton sets the ball rolling.

Geoffrey Whitworth

Sandy Mackie

Dr. John Gatecliff

Mike Perry

Alan Judd

John Hannah

John Wannerton

Dr. Alan Salmon

'Mac' McConnell

Dr. Charles Hollingsworth

Jim Brown

Dr. Dorothy Sanderson

George Bellack

Geoff Manton and Will Collie

Time for coffee and viewing

Waiting at the Bass Brewery

Admiring the splendour of Haddon Hall

Guest of honour, Ron Butler RDP, delivers the punch line..........

... but, President, Geoff Manton, likes his own story even better!

Dr. Alan Salmon

John Wannerton

The Presidential medallion is handed over to the incoming President, Brian Stalker

Dr Ian Taylor reminds us why we're there.




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