Convention Archive 1986


The 1986 Convention was held at Pitlochry in Scotland with Margaret McGregor as President.

The Committee of the day line up at the Annual Banquet. From left to right; Geoff Manton, Dorothy Sanderson, Charles Hollingsworth, Sandy Mackie, Wayne Curtis, President Margaret McGregor, Brian Stalker, Roger Grigson, John Hillson, Derrick Avery, Colin Banfield and David Sessions.

Piping in the Haggis

New Fellow, Lew Ludlow signs the book, flanked by David Sessions (Secretary) and Margaret McGregor (President).

Colin Banfield (above) and Geoff Whitworth (below) offer a little instruction.

Derrick Avery (above) entertains the crowd as does John Hannah (below)

Margaret McGregor introduces Dr. Charles Hollingsworth

Out and about in the highlands - Margaret Gatecliff, Dorothy Hollingsworth, Mary Manton and Kay Duckworth.

Lew Ludlow

Margaret Gatecliff, Harry Duckworth, Dorothy Hollingsworth, Kay Duckworth (Mary Manton is hidden at extreme right)

Wayne Curtis and Lionel Gillam

Geoff Manton, Christine Hillson and Dorothy Sanderson.

Time for tea and John Gatecliff, ever the gentleman, is last one in.

Replete - Margaret McGregor and Betty King (in the doorway behind are Elizabeth Stephenson and Kay Duckworth).

Tom Almond, Dorothy Sanderson, Elizabeth Stephenson, Harry Duckworth, Margaret McGregor and John Parkin.

Lionel Gillam undertakes an ancient RPO ritual - Wayne Curtis is not impressed!

Mike Street

The two doyens of railway postmarks - Lionel Gillam and Lew Ludlow.

Frank Laycock, John Parkin and Wayne Curtis.

Shall we dance?.....Brian Stalker demonstrates a nifty two-step to Margaret McGregor while Daivd Sessions (right) affects not to notice.




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