Convention Archive 1968


The 1968 Convention was held at Aberdeen with John Hannah as President.

Group photo.

From left to right; Eric Bielby, John and Mary Hannah, Marjory Mackie, Ruth and Bill Williams

From left to right; Dorland Carn, Dorothy Hollingsworth, Ruth Williams, Alfie Grant, (hidden?), Mrs Grant, Connie Whitworth, Eric Killingley, Mrs Walker, Eric Bielby, Philip Walker, Graham George, Philip Walker's brother, Mary and John Hannah.

John Hannah with Connie and Geoff Whitworth.

Mr and Mrs R.W.T. Lees-Jones.

Bill Williams

J.J. Bonar and Marjory Mackie

R.B. 'Heffie' Hetherington

Joyce Killingley, Graham George and Eric Bielby

Geoffrey Whitworth, J.J. Bonar and Philip Walker.

Mr and Mrs Lionel Gillam

Back row from left to right; Margaret and Alan McGregor, Philip Walker, Trevor Pickering, Frank Laycock. Froont row; Dorland Carn and B. Howe.

Betty Stephenson, Matthew Carstairs, Graham George and Frank Laycock.

From left to right; Alfie Grant, Eric Killingley, Mrs Hetherington, Mrs Grant, R.B. Hetherington and John Hannah.

From left to right; John Hannah, Dorland Carn, Ruth Williams, Marjory Mackie, Trevor Pickering, Phil Grey, Mary Hannah, Frank Laycock and Betty Stephenson.

Geoff Whitworth and Frank Laycock

Mary Hannah, Herb Buckland and John Hannah.




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