Auction Vendors


Vendors will normally be charged a commission of 15% on the auction selling price. This can reduce to 10% if the total value of lots sold in one sale by one vendor is large; the Auction Manager will advise. There are no lotting fees. 

Potential vendors should note the following:-

- These are specialist sales where only members of the CPSGB can bid. Lots comprising common stamps and covers are therefore unlikely to sell well in these sales.

- By contrast, good quality postal history and rarer stamps or proofs normally sell well and these sales allow this type of material to reach a large group of interested buyers at low cost.

- Vendors are asked to send material to the Auction Manager together with lot descriptions and suggested selling prices and/or reserves in £ Sterling. Vendors are responsible for insuring or registering material whilst it is in transit to the Auction Manager.

- The Auctioneer will discuss lotting and pricing with vendors prior to finalising the auction catalogue where he believes better results may be obtained by changing the vendors initial suggestions. Where no reserve is stated, the Auctioneer will normally set the reserve at 75% of estimate. Individual lots estimated at less than £5 are not normally accepted.

- Unsold lots will be returned to the vendor at his/her cost.

Auction Manager: for the 2013 Convention Sale is Mike Slamo.






Last updated on 29 January, 2013  
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