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Highlights in this sale include:-

1. A range of early Ship Letters in addition to several later transatlantic covers with handstamps
2. Some nice early Canadian rate handstamps
3. A lot of Postage Due covers
4. An unused copy of the 1 cent Large Queen on laid paper - one of Canada's rarest stamps
5. A cover recovered from the wreck of the Empress of Ireland
6. Some more early covers with straight line postmarks and bishop marks
7. Plating studies of both the 12½ cent and 17 cent values of the 1859 Cents issue
8. Some nice bulk lots of RPO cancels and Precancels and
9 Another group of the ever popular Fancy Cancels

Devotees of our bulk Admiral lots will find some more lots of 2 cent reds and 3 cent browns in this sale. The cupboard is nearly empty so if you like this stuff now is the time to bid!! We have also branched out to offer bulk lots of Small Queen stamps and this sale also includes a number of highly specialised bulk lots of individual stamps from the 1859 series to the Map Stamp. These all come from old time collections that have not been on the market for many decades so if you collect in these areas take a close look.

You can view or download the auction catalogue here. As usual we have provided three different options:-

1. The catalogue containing all scans at high resolution (file size approx 58MB)

2. The catalogue at a lower resolution but still containing all the scans (file size approx 8MB)

3. The catalogue text only - no scans (file size approx 0.6MB)

As usual please pay particular attention to the boring stuff on pages 1 to 3 which outlines the Terms and Conditions and Information for Bidders.

All enquiries and bids relating to our auctions should be submitted to the Auction Manager at

If you would like to see the catalogues from past auctions (text only) from 2006 onward, you can find these at our Auction Archive page.



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