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This page lists any new information on lots that has come to light since the Auction Catalogue was completed.

LOT 42:- it has been suggested that the date of this cover may be 29 December and not 9 December. Close examination of the scans shows a possible weak '2' between the DE and the 9. However, the figure, if present, is incomplete, out of line with the other elements of the date line and large parts of what are there overlap the lines of the map. In additon the arrival date stamp in Zurich of 10 January would imply a long transit time for the 9 December dispatch. Members wishing to bid on this lot are advised to exercise caution and pay close attention to the scans before doing so. The scans in the catalogue can be blown up in size.

UPDATE (7 Sep) Since noting the above, scans of this lot have been examined using the 'Retroreveal' archival forensic tools (Provided with the help of Garfield Portch at VGG). These examinations reveal no obvious presence of a '2'. That said, the above comments still apply for prospective bidders.

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