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Welcome to the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain website.


Founded over seventy years ago to promote and study all aspects of philately in British North America (Canada and its Provinces), the Society, which welcomes all BNA collectors from beginner to expert, is happy to receive enquiries from interested potential members.

The Society provides many benefits and services to its members. You should consider joining because of:-


27 March The booking form and competition entry form for the 2024 Convention in Jersey can now be found online at the Convention page.

23 March The January and April 2024 issues of Maple Leaves contain an article on the Newfoundland First Resources Issue with much of the reasearch done from the PB&Co Engravings Book 1923 - 1935. It was not practical to include all of the original scans from this Engravings Book in the Journal but they provide a useful research resource for all Newfoundland collectors and you can access them here.

3 January 2024 We have added some photos from the 2023 Convention in Barnsley. You can find them here.

2 January 2024 We have added the Maple Leaves issues for 2018 to the Maple Leaves archive. You can find them here.

25 October We have added some initial general and travel information for our 2024 Convention to be held in Jersey. You can find this at our Convention page.

27 September The listings of past Society trophy winners have been updated to reflect awards made at our 2023 Convention.

26 September Whilst we have found a volunteer to take over responsibilty for the Society Library, members should be aware that it will take several months for the Library contents to be packed up and relocated to the new home. During this period the Library will not be available. Further details will be provided when we have a firm date for the Library operation to recommence.

26 September The listing of Society Officers has been updated following our AGM on 23 September.

26 September Following a decision taken at our 2023 AGM, the Society Exchange Packet has been permanently closed.

29 June Members should note that the Library is currently unavailable - see the July Maple Leaves for details.

25 September As an aid to casual browsers of our site who may be interested in joining the Society, we have added a new feature which allows you to view an article from the current issue of Maple Leaves along with the contents of the issue.

2 August 2018 Those members who are avid users of Social Media will be pleased to learn that the Society now has a Facebook presence. The Society Facebook page is 'Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain' and we also have a group discussion page which is 'Canadian Philatelic Society of GB Discussion Group'.

1 August 2018 In line with the recently enacted General Data Protection Regulations we have updated our policies on the use of member data. you can find the new policy here.

27 June 2018 We have added a new display to the site featuring the Gold Medal winning one frame display of Newfoundland Postal History. You can find it here.

24 February 2018 We have added a new display to the website - the large display of Large Queen Postal History that was presented to the 2017 Convention can be found here.

17 October 2017 A new feature has been added to the site. If you follow the links via the Benefits page and Convention section you will find details of all the Society Trophies which may be awarded on a annual basis. A short cut link can be found here.

27 January 2017 A full update of the Members Handbook Part 2 - Society Constitution and Rules has been uploaded to the website. You can find this here. In addition a link to the Exchange Packet rules has been added to the Exchange Packet page and the Benefits page now includes links to a list of past Convention venues, the rules of the Society Convention Competitions and the Exchange Packet rules. The 'About Us' page now also includes a link to full lists of past Presidents, Fellows and Honorary Life Members of the Society. In future, all of the above information (which was previously printed in the Members Handbook updates) will only be maintained up to date on the website.

  • Maple Leaves – an award-winning quarterly journal. You can take a quick look at an article from our current issue here
  • Our main social event also catering for partners - the Annual Convention. Our 2024 Convention will be held in Jersey between 2 and 6 October.
  • Library – a valuable and extensive collection available for loan
  • Auctions – up to two held each year
  • BNA Literature – a wide range of handbooks for sale
  • Member’s Handbook
  • Informal local group meetings – held periodically in various regions
  • Specialised studies – handled by friendly and approachable contact members
  • Ability to widen your knowledge and make new friends










Last updated on 28 March, 2024
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